Restoration and maintenance

The daily cleaning
For routine cleaning of your hardwood floor vacuum cleaner is best, because it raises dust and can reach all corners well. Then just spend a damp mop with warm water using circular motions. The tips of cotton mop fuel the wood's natural luster and leave the parquet radiant.

you can scrub the park to remove dust and possible stains adhered to the surface of the varnish. We must drain well not to soak the mop for wood.
If you accidentally fall on the parquet us food, gum or any substance that may impair, you should remove it as soon as possible, and we must do it with warm water and detergent-free, or completely neutral one.

Beware waxes and silicone-containing products
If the parquet is varnished should not use wax polish because, over glaze, creating a film of grease where dirt easily sticks. And if the varnish is worn, the wax penetrates into the wood and their silicones are embedded so that when we should re-varnishing, these silicones repel new varnish will not grip. So the wax polish can only be used on waxed parquet.

Protect the wood from drying
We ventilate the room to prevent excessive dryness of heating. Sudden changes in humidity can expand or contract the wood. If the home must be closed some time, it is advisable to place a container with water to evaporate and moisten the atmosphere.

Parquet polish
Consists blow the old varnish and re-varnishing. The implementation period will depend on the use made of parquet, varying much from a public to a private house. In any case, the more conspicuous indication lack of varnish. The quality parquet have a very long life and can be polished as often as necessary.

Color change
All woods change color and darken with light. Lest we leave marks of different colors under carpets, it is advisable not to place until some time has passed since the installation of pavement. In any case, the color of the parquet will equalize within days.

Exterior maintenance
For normal cleaning, is enough water pressure. Also is advisable to apply occasionally hand repellent oil. We will not use varnish or paint closed pore. The anchoring system used by PAVIWOOD allows, as in a parquet indoor, full restoration.